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The Communicate Project

Give your service users the literacy and communication skills they need to succeed.

Poor literacy and communication skills can be a barrier to service users engaging with services; getting the support they need and accessing education, training and employment.

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What is the Communicate project?

Communicate is a one-to-one, computer-based intervention that quickly gets learners communicating independently. 80% of our everyday communication uses only 20% of our known vocabulary. That means that 20% is essential language required by everyone. We focus on making sure the learner masters this high-frequency language and grammar enabling them to communicate with their world.

Communicate is designed around the language and skills we all use, so it is suitable for learners from Key Stage 2 through to adults. 

Step 1: Diagnose

The first step is to identify which skills the learner is missing or less confident about. The software contains 7 diagnostic activities that allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses. 

Skills covered:

Word recognition

Reading comprehension


Sentence and paragraph construction


Reading aloud

Conversational speaking

Asking questions

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Step 2 : Learn

The software contains a tool-kit of 16 modules, 12 of which are differentiated by ability level, that are used to learn and practice the skills needed. Some modules can be used in isolation but others link together. 

The modular nature of the intervention allows you to tailor it to the needs of the individual learner.  

Step 3 : Assess

The Measure Progress activities are used to show the progress made by the learner when compared to the diagnostic. 

A certificate can be printed out to celebrate the achievements of the learner. 

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Staff Training

We offer three days of training.

Staff undergo two consecutive days of initial training. This introduces them to the software and the structure of the intervention. They are ready to start delivering the next day. 

A few months later we follow this up with the day three training. This can address questions the staff may have from delivering the intervention and explores ways to adapt Communicate to the specific needs of your service users. 

We will train up to 10 members of staff at your location. 

We also offer training at our Birmingham offices, every two months. 

Project Support

A Communicate licence includes a project coordinator who keeps in regular contact with your project lead to see how the project is going and offer support.

Trained staff can contact the instructor who trained them for ongoing support about delivering the project.

We offer support days, further training tailored to the needs of your staff. 

The Communicate Project: Services
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